Spotify Playlist Shuffler for Alexa

Shuffle your playlists every day, so your smart device's music alarm will play it in a random order.

I put this together after discovering the Amazon Alexa was unable to shuffle a Spotify Playlist in its music alarm feature.
This solves this problem by creating a playlist - which you can add your music to - that get shuffled daily! Simple!

To get start, just connect your Spotify account:

The app will then create a playlist, which will be shuffled daily that you can use with your smart device.

Common Questions

Can I export and delete my data?
Yes! Within the app there is a data management page which allows your to easily delete all your data, and export it in a JSON format.
How much does it cost?
I made this for fun, so it's free. Please consider buying me a coffee to show your appreciation :)
Who made this?
Mike Rogers, a Web Developer based in London, UK.